Dark bob

Balayage and dark bob: why this combination is perfect

There is no denying that balayage is a popular trend in the industry that more and more women try on. The contrast with the dark color on the roots and lighter on the ends with a soft and subtle transition cannot go unnoticed. Nevertheless, balayage is mostly worn by women with medium to long hair. We, on the other hand, will prove that ladies with dark bob should not be afraid of it. Here are some reasons it will look stunning on bob with darker hair: 

  You can create color transition even on short hair

There may be a stereotype that in order to have a soft gradient of a darker and lighter color, you should have long hair. Nevertheless, stylists have proven that balayage on the short dark bob is not only possible, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. You can also have different colors for this technique. For example, some choose dark roots and middle section with seamless caramel endings. Others prefer darker roots with almost all the rest of the hair being a lighter color. You can be sure that it looks stunning both ways.  

  You can use different styling techniques

It may seem that balayage is only worn with beachy casual waves. Despite the fact that this technique works great, especially on short hair by creating additional volume and giving texture to the strands, it also looks stunning straightened. Nevertheless, it is better to straighten dark bob with balayage if you are a lucky woman with thick hair and if your transition is very soft and natural. 

  It was already worn before you

Balayage on dark bob may seem as a bold choice, but truth be told hundreds of famous women have tried it before you and it worked perfectly. For example, a movie-star Halle Berry rocked her bob with dark roots and caramel strands. Izzy Bizu, a talented singer, also wore her balayage on curly bob with dark roots and deep golden strands. Another perfect example of balayage on brown hair is Gina Rodriguez that choose deep caramel for her ends. 

To sum everything up, balayage is a trendy hair dyeing choice that looks good not only on long hair but also on dark bob. We have proven that this technique is versatile and the soft subtle gradient can be applied to different variants of bob. Moreover, famous women rocking this hairstyle should inspire and give the courage to be bold and try something new!

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