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Difference between a bob and a lob haircut

One of the most difficult tasks for any lady is to decide on the hair cut for herself. There was a time when one did not have to indulge much into this though as almost everyone went for long hair. It was also obvious for braiding a plait out of the long hair which one had. Nothing much fancy.

Things have changed fair and square today. To decide on which hairstyle one would maintain has become a tedious job. For a few ladies, the long bob haircut style is very popular, you can see it here. A bob hair cut is preferred during the summer season, especially as not much maintenance is required. Also, it is easily manageable and not much time is required for its styling.

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The length of the hair in bob cut goes between the ear and the shoulder. A lob or long bob cut would have hair length below the shoulders. Both bob and lob cut does not need much styling of the hair. The hair is usually thin in such cuts thus not needing much attention or care.

A few women who have had long hair and want to go in for styling can go for long bob cut or a lob cut. Maintaining long hair can be a tough task and moreover, if one wants a hairstyle but does not want to get rid of the length then one can go in for a lob cut as well.

There are several factors a woman must consider before going for a bob or lob cut: her hair length, her face shape and the kind of style which will suit her.

For a round face, long hairstyles are more suitable. Even hair colouring has to follow a few rules; otherwise, one is not only ruining one’s hair but also looks.

Even after having a hair cut, one must understand the rules of styling one’s hair. You can add volume to your hair and style it accordingly. Give that lob cut of yours some glamour. Do not forget to blow dry your hair as well. This will give a bounce to your bob or lob cut hair.

Be it Beyonce’ or January Jones, they all have had bob and lob cuts and yet they know they know how to carry themselves with all of the oomph factors. Bob and lob cuts help you to stay away from bad and frizzy hair days.

So, Mobsters, get you bob and lobs and stay styled!

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