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What hairstyles are more suitable for medium wavy hair

Wavy hair has been one of the main hairstyling trends nowadays. Famous and fashionable women choose beachy, casual, or brushed waves for their evening-outs or every day life. Nevertheless, those who have naturally wavy hair may face some challenges as fuzziness and porosity. In this perspective, it is important to choose hairstyling that will hide the cons and emphasize the pros. Here is the list we created:


Straightened Hairstyle


It may seem as a strange idea to straighten natural wavy hair when so many women want to have waves, but if they come in a package with frizz and porosity, it would be best to start from straightening the hair before any styling. On the middle length in is best to use fan and a brush to add volume and avoid flatness that can happen sometimes from regular iron. By straightening, you will make you hair look shiny and smooth. Moreover, it is preferable to use pre-styling sprays to make the process easier.


Messy Ponytail


Although ponytails are usually worn in everyday life as a quick option of styling, it can look very beautiful is made correctly. Why messy ponytail? Because women with fuzzy and wavy hair can skip the styling part with this ponytail as it is meant to look natural and not perfect. This is not an option for short hair, but on a medium length it looks absolutely gorgeous. And a bonus: messy ponytail is fairly easy to make. 


Any Braids


Again, considering the fact that the main objective with naturally waved hair is to avoid porosity, any kinds of braids will be flattering. You can choose from different fish braids, 4-strand braids and others. Nowadays stylists can make a regular braid look really high-end and stylish. Moreover, as we can witness the trend on natural looks rather than thoroughly perfected, women with medium length wavy hair can make braids without pre-styling. It would be a good idea, though, to use a straightening gel to make the process of braiding easier. 




Another hairstyle choice that despite its simplicity can look sleek and stylish is a bun. The best option for our hair type is a messy bun that is on the peak of its popularity. In order to make this hairstyle ‘richer’, it may be a good idea to leave side bangs to create the shape. It will be suitable for both everyday life and an evening-out. 

As you can see, naturally wavy hair can be tricky because of the fuzziness and porosity, but it is more than possible to make it look good with some easy helpful techniques. There is no doubt that in our list of hairstyles for wavy medium length hair you will find something suitable for you. 

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