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How to avoid common hair coloring mistakes

There is no surprise that so many women all around the world enjoy coloring: it can not only enhance your natural color or change it if necessary, it is also a perfect tool for self-expression. Nevertheless, it is a very important step that need to be thoughtful and careful. There are multiple occasions of hair coloring gone wrong that ruined women’s image and looks. Here are top three examples of mistakes to avoid. 


  • Choosing the wrong color


Picking out the wrong color can be dangerous for two main reasons. First of all, you can choose a color that will not be flattering on your skin tone or image in general. For example, there are so many girls that follow the trends but do not take in mind their own features. It is best to focus on what will look good on you rather than what is fashionable. 


  • Ignoring the state of hair


That is another very common mistake that many young girls in a rush to be in trend follow. As we all noticed, one of the hottest colors nowadays is platinum blond. There is no surprise that many women wanted to try it. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that not each natural hair color can be dyed into platinum blond. It takes multiple session to reach this color, but sometimes clients want everything to be done in one day. As a result, the hair will be severely damaged if not burned of completely. In this perspective, if you have rich dark natural hair, you may have to consider rejecting the idea of some very fair colors, or at least be patient.


  • Not waiting at least three weeks before another dyeing session


This mistake is connected with the previous one. Although dyeing requires thoughtful and thorough consideration, we are all human and mistakes can be made. For example, let’s imagine that you dyed your hair and it looks absolutely horrific. What is you first instinct? Let me guess: change it again?  Well, think again. All stylists recommend to wait the period of at least three weeks to let the hair restore. Dyeing the hair instantly right away is very dangerous. The same as in the previous point, it will be damaged beyond repair. It is better to wait and have a bad color for several weeks, than to lose the hair completely.  

We hope that our list will help to make an informed decision and be absolutely satisfied with the results. Remember, that besides the color, it is also very important to have healthy hair that will not fall of from your head after being burned by the bad dyeing session. 

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